Joe & JoAnne Van Bree - Gold Leaf Properties - Stratroy Ontario


Quality Customer Service

Gold Leaf Properties is proud to be a family business that is in business to help families.  Our diverse portfolio includes multifamily apartments, townhouse condominiums, and country house rentals.

Our properties are homes for families of all sizes. Our vision is to continue creating premier real estate. Our goal is to continue identifying trends and capitalizing on changing needs in urban markets. From the outset we have been dedicated to innovation, quality and integrity. We remain committed to continue our legacy of community building.

“If there is a problem in my unit, a short call to Joe & Joanne Van Bree produces prompt attention, repair or replacement.  I have always been very satisfied “


“Mr. & Mrs. Van Bree are very thoughful and considerate owners an dI’m sure that it is due to their efforts that the building is in the good condition that it is.  I’m very fortunate to be living here and having such considerate landlords.”